Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 – The Divine and Demoniac Natures

01. What is the varnasrama dharma meant for?
a)    To divide the society according to birth
b)    To make progress in spiritual life
c)    To become humble
d)    All of the above
02. Why should a person in the renounced order of life be fearless?
a)    Because he has to be alone without support and depend completely on the Supreme Personality of Godhead
b)    Because he should tell others the qualities of fearlessness
c)    Because this helps him to be austere
d)    All of the above
03. What is the duty of a sannyasi?
a)    Distribute knowledge to those who have forgotten their spiritual advancement
b)    He should preach with logic & understanding about spiritual science
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
04. Charity should be given to ________________ person.
a)    A simple
b)    Any
c)    A ignorant
d)    The right
05. What among the following are recommended for the householders according to BG 16.1?
a)    Charity
b)    Sense control
c)    Performance of sacrifice
d)    All of the above
06. What among the following are meant for the brahmacaris according to BG 16.1?
a)    Vedic study, austerity & performance of sacrifice
b)    Vedic study, austerity & simplicity
c)    Vedic study,& simplicity
d)    Austerity & simplicity
07. Simplicity is the quality for _____________________ asrama.
a)    Brahmacari & sannyasa
b)    Brahmacari, sannyasa & vanaprastha
c)    Brahmacaris, grhasthas, vanaprastha & sannyasa
d)    None of the above
08. What is real ahimsa?
a)    Not killing any living entity
b)    Not checking anyone’s progressive life
c)    Being calm & quiet
d)    All of the above
09. Anger is a product of _____________________.
a)    Provocation
b)    Pollution & conditioning
c)    Lust
d)    Mode of passion & lust
10. How many qualities are described in BG 16.1-16.3, gradually developing which, one can rise to transcendental realizations?
a)    Twenty-six
b)    Twenty
c)    Sixteen
d)    Thirty-two
11. What are the qualities of a demoniac person?
a)    Ignorance, harshness, anger & arrogance
b)    Ignorance, harshness, conceit, anger & pride
c)    Ignorance, harshness, conceit, anger, arrogance & pride
d)    Ignorance, harshness, conceit, demanding, anger & arrogance
12. Why Arjuna’s fight against the kauravas is not considered as demoniac?
a)    Being a kshatriya, fighting with the enemy is transcendental
b)    He did not have any demoniac qualities
c)    Neither a or b
d)    Both a and b
13. Both the demigods and demons are born of __________________.
a)    Brahma
b)    Prajapati
c)    Yoga-maya
d)    Themselves
14. Which is the law of the human race?
a)    Manu-samhita
b)    Brahma-samhita
c)    Both a & b
d)    Neither a nor b
15. The demons do not follow rules for _________________ cleanliness
a)    Internal
b)    External
c)    Both a & b
d)    Neither a nor b
16. What interpretation do demons have regarding the creation of the world?
a)    The material manifestation arises due to chance material actions and reactions
b)    There is no cause other than the material nature being the origin of this manifestation
c)    They do not accept God as the creator of this world, but rather everyone has their own theory of creation
d)    All of the above
17. According to BG 16.9, are the atomic or nuclear weapons meant for peace and prosperity of the world?
a)    No
b)    Yes
18. What are the unclean habits of demoniac people?
a)    Wine, women, gambling & meat eating
b)    Creating their own hymns & chant accordingly
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
19. What is the ultimate goal of life for the demoniac people?
a)    Serving humanity
b)    Serving the Lord
c)    Sense enjoyment
d)    Serving impersonalism
20. __________________ is observing the activities of the individual soul.
a)    Brahma
b)    Brahman
c)    Spiritual spark
d)    Supersoul
21. What forces a person to fall down to hell?
a)    Being illusioned
b)    Too much attachment for sense gratification
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
22. Disregard for the rules and regulations of the scriptures are due to __________________.
a)    Illusion & ignorance
b)    Illusion
c)    Ignorance
d)    None of these
23. Why is a demoniac person envious of the scriptures & the Supreme Personality of Godhead?
a)    Because of his prestige
b)    Because of his wealth
c)    Because of his strength
d)    All of the above
24. What is the cause of so many species of life in the material existence?
a)    It indicates the Supremacy of the Lord
b)    So that the living entity gets a particular kind of body according to his own choice in which he can fulfill his desires
c)    Its accidental
d)    None of these
25. The placing of demons in the lowest species of life is a kind of _______________ of the Supreme Lord.
a)    Incarnation
b)    Mercy
c)    Advertisement
d)    Hatred
26. What one has to give up so that one does not fall to demoniac life?
a)    Lust, anger & greed
b)    Lust , anger & pride
c)    Anger, pride & material austerity
d)    Anger, greed & material austerity
27. Self realization is ___________________ in devotional service.
a)    Called
b)    Succeeded
c)    Perfected
d)    Instructed
28. A person who knowingly violates the rules and regulations of the scriptures acts in ________________.
a)    Pride 
b)    Lust
c)    Happiness
d)    Irrelevant knowledge
29. What can’t be attained by discarding the scriptural injunctions?
a)    The Supreme Lord
b)    Happiness
c)    Perfection
d)    All of the above
30. Are the scriptures above the four principal defects that are in the conditioned soul?
a)    Yes
b)    No
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Answer: b a c d d b c b d a c d b a c d a c c d
Question No. 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 39 30                    
Answer: c a d b b a c b d a