Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10 – The Opulence of the Absolute

01. Who is the source of demigods and great sages?
a)    Lord Brahma
b)    Lord Siva
c)    Lord Krishna
d)    All of these
02. Krishna appeared _____________________ first, to Devaki and Vasudeva.
a)    In His original form
b)    As a ordinary child
c)    Ecstatically
d)    None of these
03. How can freedom from doubt and delusion be achieved?
a)    Being not hesitant
b)    Understanding transcendental philosophy
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
04. Fear is due to ______________________.
a)    Nature
b)    Worrying about the future
c)    Birth
d)    None of these
05. Are penance & austerity required in Krishna consciousness?
a)    Yes
b)    No
06. Who develops all the good qualities?
a)    One who is very knowledgeable
b)    One who is a great yogi
c)    One who is very sober
d)    One who engages in the devotional service of the Lord
07. How many great sages are known as the patriarchs of the living entities all over the world?
a)    Seven
b)    Four
c)    Fourteen
d)    Twenty-five
08. What is the effect of knowing the greatness of Krishna?
a)    One gains knowledge about Him
b)    One becomes fixed in devotional service
c)    One becomes a mystic
d)    None of these
09. Krishna is the source of ____________ world.
a)    Spiritual
b)    Material
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
10. Realized souls in Krishna consciousness derive satisfaction, pleasure and bliss by ______________.
a)    Hearing transcendental literatures
b)    Conversing about Krishna
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
11. What is buddhi-yoga?
a)    Acting intelligently
b)    Taking Krishna consciousness in devotional service
c)    Intelligence in mystic activities
d)    None of these
12. How does Krishna reciprocates to one who is engaged in devotional service properly, but is not intelligent?
a)    By giving him instructions from within to come to Him without difficulty
b)    By giving him a chance to progress and ultimately attaining Him
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
13. A devotee sincere in Krishna consciousness ________________ be without knowledge.
a)    May
b)    Can
c)    Cannot
d)    None of these
14. What made Arjuna to conclude that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, The Supreme origin & the cause of all causes?
a)    Vedic literatures confirm that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead
b)    Great sages proclaim that  Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead
c)    Krishna Himself declared that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead
d)    All of these
15. Which process is recommended for understanding Bhagavad-Gita?
a)    Academic education
b)    Acceptance of disciplic succession
c)    Academic education taught through great scholars
d)    None of these
16. How the truth about Krishna is by Arjuna?
a)    Arjuna addresses Krishna as the father of all living entities & the supreme controller of everyone
b)    Arjuna addresses Krishna as the Lord of all demigods & the supreme proprietor of everything
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
17. Why Arjuna asked Krishna, for the explanation of Krishna’s all pervading nature?
a)    Because Arjuna had some doubts in his mind
b)    So that, in the future, people will understand Krishna
c)    Because he wanted to satisfy his guru
d)    None of these
18. Why the materialists cannot understand Krishna spiritually?
a)    Because they are guarded by yoga-maya
b)    Because they meditate on spirit
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
19. Why is hearing and reading about the Lord and His pastimes are forever fresh and not tiring?
a)    Because its transcendental
b)    Because its divine
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
20. Why the devotees want to understand Krishna, although one is not able to?
a)    So that, at some point of time they will be able to know Krishna fully
b)    Because, hearing about Krishna appear to be nectar to them
c)    So that, their senses will not be imperfect
d)    Because, they are compassionate to the conditioned souls 
21. Why Krishna agrees to tell only His principal manifestations and not all?
a)    Because He is not interested in disclosing His details
b)    Because the living entities do not understand the extent of His opulences
c)    Because Krishna’s features are unlimited
d)    Both b & c
22. Why the address by Krishna to Arjuna as “Gudakesha” is significant?
a)    Because Arjuna has conquered the darkness of sleep
b)    Because Arjuna is the best of the Kurus
c)    Because Arjuna is always victorious
d)    None of these
23. The sun is considered to be which part of the Supreme Lord’s body?
a)    Brain
b)    Head
c)    Eye
d)    All of these
24. Who is the controlling deity of the heavenly spaces?
a)    Varuna
b)    Marichi
c)    Indra
d)    None of these
25. Can consciousness be produced by a combination of matter?
a)    No
b)    Yes
26. Of all the _________ Rudras, Krishna is Shiva.
a)    9
b)    7
c)    12
d)    11
27. Of all the mountains, Krishna is ____________.
a)    Himalaya
b)    Meru
c)    Kailash
d)    None of these
28. Who is the chief of all priests?
a)    Brhaspati
b)    Valmiki
c)    Vyasadeva
d)    None of these
29. Among the generals, Krishna is ________________, the lord of the war.
a)    Indra
b)    Shiva
c)    Skanda
d)    All of these
30. Bhrgu is the _________________.
a)    Most powerful son of Brahma
b)    Greatest sage
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
31. Om represents ______________________.
a)    Auspiciousness
b)    The Supreme Lord of all sacrifices
c)    Devotion
d)    Trans
32. Who is the representation of Krishna as a devotee?
a)    Vyasadeva
b)    Kapila
c)    Shiva
d)    Narada
33. In vedic literature, ________________ is considered to be the representative of God.
a)    King
b)    Sages
c)    Learned men
d)    None of these
34. Sex for the generation of good children is called ______________ and represents Krishna
a)    Varuna
b)    Ananta
c)    Kandarpa
d)    All of these
35. Who represents Krishna, in the planet of ancestors?
a)    Varuna
b)    Ananta
c)    Kandarpa
d)    Aryama
36. Among the beasts, _________________ represents Krishna.
a)    Eagle
b)    Lion
c)    Tiger
d)    All of these
37. Why Prahlada is considered to be a representative of Krishna among demons?
a)    Because his godly nature
b)    Because of his devotional service
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
38. Among the rivers, _______________ is the representation of Krishna?
a)    Yamuna
b)    Ganges
c)    Godavari
d)    Cauvery
39. Who is the secondary creator?
a)    Maha-Vishnu
b)    Krishna
c)    Brahma
d)    None of these
40. Among the killers, ______________ ultimately kills everything.
a)    Time
b)    Duality
c)    Reasoning
d)    One’s own interpretation
41. How many feminine qualities are listed by Krishna in BG?
a)    Five
b)    Ten
c)    Seven
d)    Fifteen
42. Which of the Veda is rich in beautiful songs played by the demigods?
a)    Artha-veda
b)    Yajur-veda
c)    Rig-veda
d)    Sama-veda
43. Which of the following season is considered as the representative of Krishna?
a)    Winter
b)    Spring
c)    Summer 
d)    Autumn
44. Of all cheating processes, ______________ stands supreme.
a)    Lying
b)    Fighting
c)    Gambling
d)    None of these
45. ____________ is the immediate expansion of Krishna.
a)    Vasudeva
b)    Brahma
c)    Baladeva
d)    None of these
46. Among the following, which of the confidential activity is important?
a)    Hearing
b)    Thinking
c)    Meditating
d)    Silence
47. How is the Supreme Lord represented throughout the entire material universes?
a)    Through His teachings
b)    Through devotional service
c)    By entering into all things as Supersoul
d)    None of these
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Answer: c a c b a d d b c c b c c d b c b a c b
Question No. 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
Answer: d a c b a d b a c c b d a c d b c b c a
Question No. 41 42 43 44 45 46 47                          
Answer: c d b c a d c