Bhagavad Gita Chapter 09 – The Most Confidential Knowledge

01. Why the message of the Supreme Personality of Godhead cannot be realized by mental speculators or academic scholars?
a)    Because they are not the right persons to approach the Lord
b)    Because they are in miserable life conditions
c)    Because the message is a realized knowledge, full of potencies of the Lord and difficult for them to understand
d)    None of these
02. Why the ninth chapter of BG is called the most confidential?
a)    Because it deals with liberation
b)    Because it deals with unalloyed, pure devotion
c)    Because it brings enlightenment in Krishna consciousness
d)    Because it gives spiritual knowledge
03. Who is the author of Vedanta-sutra?
a)    Kapila
b)    Yajnavalkya
c)    Shandilya
d)    Vyasadeva
04. Does the soul become inactive after leaving the body?
a)    Yes
b)    No
05. What is the highest perfection of religion?
a)    Attainment of the stage of devotional service
b)    Liberation
c)    Becoming one with the God
d)    All of these
06. What makes the process of devotional service a happy one?
a)    Simply hearing & chanting the glories of the Lord
b)    Accepting the remnants of the food offered to the Lord
c)    Devotional service can be practiced even in most poverty-stricken condition
d)    All of the above
07. What is meant by saying that devotional service eternally exists?
a)    Devotional service continues even after liberation
b)    Even after going to the spiritual planet one is engaged in the devotional service of the Lord
c)    Both b & c
d)    None of these
08. Who cannot accomplish the process of devotional service?
a)    Impersonalists
b)    Great scholars
c)    Faithless persons
d)    None of these
09. What are second-class men in Krishna conscious like?
a)    They are not very advanced in devotional scriptures
b)    They have firm faith that service to Krishna is the best
c)    In good faith they taken up the process of devotional service
d)    All of the above
10. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is not perceivable through ____________________.
a)    The gross material senses
b)    Creation
c)    His energies
d)    His existence
11. What is described as the inconceivable potency of the Lord?
a)    All His creation
b)    His love
c)    That although everything is resting on Him, still He is aloof
d)    None of these
12. _______________ is the biggest manifestation we can conceive.
a)    Space
b)    Sky
c)    Atoms
d)    All of these
13. What happens to the material manifestation during creation and annihilation?
a)    Every entity is created newly each time & then destroyed
b)    All are created but only the true one survives during annihilation
c)    Cosmic manifestation is created but hided during annihilation
d)    At the end, every living entity enters into the Lord’s nature & at the beginning again the Lord creates
14. Which of the following incarnation of Krishna enters into everything minutely?
a)    Garbhodakasayi Visnu
b)    Karanodakasayi Visnu
c)    Ksirodakasayi Visnu
d)     None of these
15. When the activity of the different species of living entities begins after creation?
a)    After they grow little older
b)    From the very moment of the creation
c)    When they adjust to the surrounding atmosphere
d)    None of these
16. Why are the different species of life created immediately along with universe?
a)    To fulfill the desires of the living entities which they had at the last annihilation
b)    To fill the voids in the universe
c)     Both a & b
d)    None of these
17. Is the Lord attached to the creation and annihilation of this world?
a)    No
b)    Yes
18. The material nature, without the superintendence of _____________ cannot do anything.
a)    Its qualities
b)    Heavenly God
c)    Supreme Personality of Godhead
d)    All of these
19. When Krishna descends in the human form, & acts just like a normal man, even then, what is His body described as?
a)    Eternal
b)    Blissful
c)    Full of knowledge
d)    All of these
20. Why the persons who consider the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna as an ordinary man are deluded?
a)    Because they are developed
b)    Because they are infected
c)    Because they cannot understand the eternal form of Krishna
d)    None of these
21. How can one be not under the control of material nature?
a)    By understanding the material nature
b)    By surrendering his soul to the Supreme Personality of Godhead
c)    By diverting his attention towards material nature
d)    By meditation
22. What are the qualities of great souls described as by Krishna to Arjuna?
a)    They are under the protection of divine nature
b)    They are fully engaged in devotional service
c)    They know Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, original and inexhaustible
d)    All of these
23. Why a “Mahatma” is attached to the Supreme Personality of Godhead?
a)    He glorifies the Lord’s holy name, pastimes, eternal form and transcendental qualities
b)    He undergoes severe penance and austerity 
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
24. How does a mahatma achieves success in having association with the Lord in any of the five rasas?
a)    By performing severe austerities
b)    By having determination
c)    By engaging his mind, body and speech, everything in the service of the Supreme Lord
d)    All of these
25. A “Mahatma” can be ________________.
a)    Brahmacari
b)    Householder
c)    Sannyasi
d)    Any of these
26. Which of the following comes under the lower class of God worship?
a)    He who worships himself as one with the Supreme Lord
b)    He who concocts some form of the Supreme Lord and worships 
c)    He who accepts the universal form
d)    All of these
27. Knowing the Vedas is but a progressive step towards understanding _________________.
a)    Vedas
b)    Krishna
c)    Marginal energy
d)    Creation
28. The progressive path of the persons not knowing Krishna is __________.
a)    Partial
b)    Hallucinatory
c)    Either a or b
d)    Neither of these
29. The energy which sustains us by prolonging the duration of our life is _______________.
a)    Material
b)    Krishna
c)    Advanced
d)    Falling
30. What kind of happiness does a person achieve in the higher planetary systems?
a)    Ecstatic
b)    Sense pleasure
c)    Flickering
d)    Both b & c
31. What is the promise made by Krishna to the persons who serves Him with devotion & surrenders fully unto Him?
a)    Krishna carries what they lack
b)    Krishna preserves what they have
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
32. Demigod worship is a/an _______________ way of worshiping Krishna.
a)    Indirect
b)    Same
c)    Approved
d)    Satisfying
33. Is “black arts” or “black magic” spiritualism?
a)    Yes
b)    No
34. Persons worshiping demigods, ghosts, ancestors or Krishna achieve __________________ abode.
a)    The same
b)    That respective 
c)    Simple
d)    None of these
35. Why meat, fish and eggs should not be offered to Krishna?
a)    Because Krishna didn’t ask these things to offer Him
b)    Because Krishna asks for only a leaf, a flower, fruit or water
c)    Vegetables, fruits, grains, milk and water are the proper foods prescribed for human beings by Krishna
d)    All of the above
36. Who is asking, to work, eat, give charity and perform austerities, to be done as an offering to Krishna?
a)    Sukadeva Goswami
b)    Krishna
c)    Vyasadeva
d)    Dronacarya
37. What is the result of performing actions as service to Krishna and fruits of those actions being given to Krishna?
a)    One is freed from all reactions to good and evil deeds
b)    One becomes situated in renunciation
c)    One completely surrenders himself to Krishna
d)    All of the above
38. If Krishna is equal to all then why He gives specific attention to His devotees?
a)    Because they have surrendered unto Him
b)    Because Krishna is a devotee of His devotees
c)    Because the presence of reciprocation in relationship reflects personalist philosophy
d)    All of the above
39. Which of the following activities a conditioned living entity has?
a)    Conditional
b)    Constitutional 
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
40. If a devotee falls down accidentally, then, he is to be considered as __________.
a)    Abominable
b)    Saintly
c)    Normal
d)    Exclusive
41. Why Krishna’s devotees’ never perishes?
a)    Because they are always thinking of Krishna
b)    Because he can undergo any purificatory process
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these
42. Who is eligible for the supreme destination?
a)    Anyone who is austere
b)    Women & sudras
c)    Anyone who is engaged in transcendental devotional service to the Lord
d)    None of these
43. What is the means of being delivered from the clutches of this material world?
a)    Being charitable
b)    Being Krishna conscious
c)    Being austere
d)    Being personal to everyone

Question No.1 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Answer: c b d b a d c c d a c a d c b a a c d c
Question No. 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
Answer: b d a c d d b c b d c a b b d b d d c b
Question No. 41 42 43                                  
Answer: a c b